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BuzzCloudGlobal™ is committed to help with improving the wellbeing of commercial bee colonies using technology. Honeybees are fighting a number of attack vectors such as mites, fungi, bacteria, herbicides, parasites, viruses and poisonous insecticides. The iBuzzHive™ has been designed to help the bees in this battle for survival. The iBuzzHive™ from BuzzCloudGlobal™ is the first beehive that enables proactive bee husbandry. Perhaps the best thing about this new approach to beekeeping is that you don't always have to get suited up in a clumsy beekeeping suit & thick hide gloves just to monitor your beehive - we make it possible to do almost all the monitoring needed 24 x 7 x 365 using your mobile phone or tablet. Sensors have been included inside the brood box. The sensor information is sent to our Cloud Servers either by the on-board Wi-Fi, or 4G where the hive is not within range of Wi-Fi. The information is then accessed by our App for iPhone and Android as well as by any PC browser, allowing you to remotely monitor your iBuzzHives™. The Business Information provided by this brand new proactive approach to bee husbandry will improve your operational efficiency and lower your costs.

Why iBuzzHive™?

The iBuzzHive™ and the services we offer bring commercial beekeeping practice into the information age. Our hives are instrumented in order to provide valuable Business Information to apiaries large and small.

Business Information

Our hives collect information, we process it and provide feedback to your mobile phone automatically. Ever dreamt of your mobile phone alerting you with a list of hives that need your attention every morning? Now you can examine graphs showing honey production on your laptop at any time.

Anti-theft GPS Options

Worried about theft of hives? We have two options for including GPS based tracking for hives so you can see where your hives are on a map. Our data feeds can alert your mobile when a hive is disturbed or moved.

Remote hive monitoring

Concerned about your hives when they are transported off-site for pollination services? The iBuzzHive™ is designed to continue its remote monitoring regardless of its location. You have a choice of Wi-Fi or mobile network SIM for Internet connection.

Work Smarter not Harder

BuzzCloudGlobal™ provides you with the support to reduce your costs by focusing your labour where it is most needed. Now there is no longer any need to leave hives to deteriorate due to lack of information. Catch problems early and support viable , healthy, productive colonies in hives free of pathogens.



iBuzzHives™ collect brood temperature, humidity, honey weight, queenlessness and brood state information continuously, even while you are asleep. Our Cloud Servers analyse the information streams and tell you as soon as they see a possible problem. It is no longer necessary to wait for the next scheduled manual hive inspection, now you can take remedial action as soon as you are alerted to a particular pathogen in one of your hives.


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