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Sustainable Pollination

BuzzCloud™ is focused on making sure that the few remaining honey bee colonies do not die out. This is important because these pollinators have been responsible for providing up to 70% of the food we eat. Honeybees are currently dying out at about 40% colony losses Year on Year. That presents a very real threat to human food security. Our approach is to tackle Varroa Mite infestation head on. The iBuzzHive™ is able to eradicate close to 100% of Varroa mites in every hive. Then we collect data streams from all the hives and we use it to train our AI to identify distressed colonies that need urgent manual intervention without which they will die. Would you like your staff to wake up every morning to a list of colonies on their mobiles which will very likely die today without lifesaving intervention? The iBuzzHive™ is the first Connected beehive that enables proactive colony rescue. Perhaps the best thing about this new approach to beekeeping is that your beehives are monitored 24 x 7 x 365. Join us and let your iBuzzHives™ tell you about a range of problems so that you can take corrective action well before scheduled inspections. Queen missing? Hive knocked over? BuzzCloud™ has got your back.

Why iBuzzHive™?

Sustainable Pollination is what we are all about. Our iBuzzHive Platform™ is the only Connected bee hive that actively and autonomously eradicates Varroa mite infestations. It kills phoretic mites as well as mites hidden inside sealed larvae cells. This alone may begin to arrest the currently searing levels of colony losses seen worldwide. The mobile revolution has given us inexpensive sensors and mobile networks - we leverage these along with AI in order to enable proactive colony rescue. The Varroa mite has caused far too much damage to allow it to continue with ineffective remedies. Its full name is Varroa Destructor - for good reason. Our Programme is called the Varroa Destructor Destroyer (VDD™) because that is exactly what it does.

Business Information

Our hives collect information, we process it and provide curated feedback to your mobile phone. Ever dreamt of your mobile phone alerting you every morning with a list of hives that need your life saving attention? This is what the iBuzzHive Platform™ does for commercial bee farmers.

Anti-theft GPS Options

Worried about theft of hives? Each iBuzzHive™ includes GPS so that you can see where your iBuzzHives™ are on a map. Our push notifications alert your mobile when a hive is disturbed or moved. What? A bee hive with a built-in theft alarm? Yes thats right, we have Moore's Law to thank for that.

Remote hive monitoring

Concerned about your hives when they are transported off-site for pollination services? The iBuzzHive™ is designed to continue its remote monitoring regardless of its location. You have a choice of Wi-Fi or mobile network for Internet connection. All the sensors remain working regardless of whether the hive is in a field or on a truck.

Work Smarter not Harder

BuzzCloud™ provides you with the support to start reducing your unsustainable colony losses. Now there is no longer any need to leave colonies to deteriorate due to lack of actionable information. Catch problems early and support viable, healthy, productive colonies in hives free of problems. Work smarter, not harder.



iBuzzHives™ collect brood temperature, humidity, queenlessness, hive status and brood state information continuously. Our VDD™ programme runs 24X7 making sure every single Varroa mite is destroyed, even while you are sleeping or on vacation. Our Cloud Servers analyse the information streams and tell you as soon as they predict a colony with a potentially life threatening issue. It is no longer necessary to wait for the next scheduled manual hive inspection. If you choose to do that you will continue have unsustainable colony losses. Now you can take remedial action as soon as you are alerted to a particular problem in one or more of your iBuzzHives™. Our VDD™ is not good for Varroa mites. Join us and eliminate this horrific pest and at the same time take positive steps towards sustainable pollination.


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